HOFF Enterprises, Inc. uses software technology such as Microvellum, AutoCad, ARDIS and alphaCAM. This allows our customers to create their own visually striking and functional designs. Our technology integrates seamlessly with our machinery allowing us to provide the customer with exactly what they want and need.

For St. Paul’s Cathedral in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we re-created one hundred-year-old moldings to seamlessly restore and uphold the invaluable tradition and charm of the original architecture.

For the local Chrysler dealership, we worked with the owner and the designer to match the dealership’s interior showroom to its exterior appearance by utilizing Chrysler’s staple archway and recreating it with metallic panels.

So whether it’s refinishing something old or creating something new, our specialized approach helps you realize your creative potential.

HOFF Enterprises, Inc. researches and implements the latest technologies in order to consistently deliver high quality products to our customers. For example, to build cabinets, we use the frameless system first developed by Europeans and later adopted by American Manufacturers, because of its efficiency and sleek design. Other industry methods of ours, such as our inventory management, are also among the first to be used in the United States.

We’re always striving to increase our efficiency while maintaining craftsmanship so we can maximize our materials and reduce waste.